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Manual Vs Automatic Transmission // What’s the Difference?

become a driving instructor

Looking for Driving Lessons? Should You go Manual or Automatic? Coke vs Pepsi; baths vs showers; chocolate vs vanilla. These are the tough, personality defining rivalries that define our daily lives. Among them, and perhaps even MORE important—if you’ll believe that any debate outranks that of chocolate vs vanilla—is the split among drivers between manual […]

The 5 Best Driving Movies of All Time – You Won’t Believe Who Number One Is!


Do you crave the smell of burning rubber? Want to see the road stretching out before you? Are you desperately craving the sounds and sensations of that roaring engine? You, I’m afraid, have driving fever. It’s a common condition, and as an—unqualified—doctor, I can tell you it’s one that’s best cured by watching some classic […]

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